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Elements of a Killer Staffing Proposal

7K0A0129It’s time to give your prospect a proposal. So how do you make yours stand out from all the others, and further compel them to select you as their next staffing provider? The key is to stay away from the boring boilerplate template that talks about how you do background checks and skill testing, and instead focus on why your service solves their specific problems. To accomplish this, make sure the following elements are highlighted in your proposal.

Clearly explain their current situation – The client wants to know that you have been listening, and that you fully understand their challenges and what they are looking for. In some cases, they aren’t sure exactly what they need, and are looking to you for guidance. Clearly outline your understanding of their situation, and emphasize the issues they are trying to solve. One or two paragraphs are usually sufficient.

State your value proposition – What makes you unique and better than your competition, and how is it going to solve the prospect’s problems? This is a great time to not only showcase your value prop, but to tie it back specifically to how it will address their challenges in the previous section.

Use testimonials to reinforce your points – Having a testimonial page is great, but even more effective is to weave testimonials throughout your presentation to back up your claims. Let’s say the prospect has been having quality issues, and your value prop is that you specialize in their industry/profession. Then use a testimonial that talks about how your client kept getting bad employees, and because you specialize you were able to save the day. Frame your testimonials in a colored text box for even greater impact.

Give them proof – Most proposals talk about how great the company is, but tend to be generic and conceptual rather than factual. By backing your statements with proof, you grab the prospects attention and make their decision to select you easier. Case studies, lists of similar projects or clients, and quantifiable statistics and facts all add credibility to your proposal.

Make it visual – You don’t have to turn your proposal into a formal marketing piece, and in fact that turns some buyers off. But reading page after page of text isn’t much fun for them either, and you run the risk that the key points you are wanting to make will get buried in a sea of words. Identify 3 or 4 of the most critical areas of the proposal and create a graph, chart, or table that further emphasizes each point. This will draw the attention of the prospect to what’s most important.

Most proposals look and sound the same, which is one reason why prospects ultimately resort to price. By including the elements listed above in your next proposal, you will separate yourself from most if not all of your competitors and ultimately win more deals.


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