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Career Development – Pathway to Recruiter

Are you looking for a way to create a wider candidate pool and hire recruiting staff without recruiting experience? Are you looking for a way to retain your entry-level staff? Are you looking for a way to fill your recruiter positions within days rather than months? Yes! Then, create an entry-level position with a career pathway to the recruiter role.

This position is a means to develop someone with the characteristics of a recruiter but doesn’t have recruiting experience or hasn’t had the opportunity to learn and practice recruiting skills. You may call this position any number of job titles; Intake, Sourcer, Screener, Staffing Coordinator, Recruiting Coordinator, etc. Whatever the title, it should make sense for your organization and convey the opportunity for career development into a recruiting role with more responsibility. We like Intake Specialist or Staffing Coordinator, because the next logical recruiting role may be Staffing Specialist, Recruiting Specialist, or simply Recruiter.

We posted a blog, The Secret to Finding Recruiters, where we laid out the type of prospective candidate that is great fit for a Recruiter position as someone without recruiting experience. This would be the person you would hire into this entry-level recruiter role. You are looking for someone that wants a career versus a job, a new opportunity to grow, and that exhibits the traits of a high-performing recruiter. You would likely find this person in front-end food service and retail jobs. Check out The Secret to Finding Recruiters for our logic. But again, this person has no recruiting experience and may have limited experience overall, so you will have to be prepared to train them.

This is where a Career Development Plan comes in. Layout a pathway for this person to develop the skills and experience to be ready for the next recruiter opening. It’s a winning scenario for the staffing firm and the employee. It promotes retention of entry level staff because they are given the opportunities they crave to develop and grow, and ideally a promotion in the near future. The staffing firm will also have a candidate that can jump into the next open recruiter role quickly.

Not sure how to create a Career Development Plan. No problem, use our Career Development Checklist - Pathway to Recruiter. 


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