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I'm Speaking at NAPS 2019 Conference

I'm speaking at the NAPS 2019 Conference, Sept. 22-24 in San Antonio.  Come see me and save $100 with code NAPSSPEAKER19. My session is:


Maximize your recruiting efforts through candidate engagement
Most staffing firms are so focused on recruiting new candidates that they overlook and discount the value of their existing database. But as the talent pool continues to shrink, it is more important than ever that we maximize the recruiting efforts we've already put forth. In this session, we'll talk about how to get the greatest ROI on your recruiting through candidate engagement, employee redeployment, and other areas.

Session Takeaways:
1. Learn how to create candidate engagement programs that are repeatable and yield results
2. Ways to increase your redeployment rates
3. Different options for leveraging technology in your engagement and redeployment efforts. 

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