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Don't forget these 4 recruiting essentials...ever!

Woman_Checking_iPhone_Calendar-805276-edited.jpgEvery new year, industry content will come out with multiple articles of the ‘New’ and ‘Game-changing’ insight and suggestions on how to become more successful in your business. This is no different for the staffing industry, with articles touting various ways to improve on recruiting. As an industry, we have started to move away from some of the most critical yet basic recruiting methods. Here are just a few of my suggestions on how to keep yourself on top of the game:

1. Networking off-line

If you are a recruiter, there is no question you should be using LinkedIn as a way to network with the industry professionals you are recruiting. I would say Facebook and Twitter are almost as important as recruiting tools. I know recruiters who never leave the office except to go home that are successful, but rarely ever get out and meet people in person. I see this as a growing problem.

If you fall into this bubble, get on or look up the local Networking After Work event near your location, and simply get out there and meet some people face-to-face. Join a professional organization that meets regularly, hosts athletic leagues, something. You can always maintain relationships with LinkedIn or Facebook, but start creating them in person.

2. Dedicated Dials (& Texts)

Make calls. It’s that simple. Carve out time on your daily calendar and make a list of calls to make. It’s still the best and most effective way to recruit. Too many times our industry relies on e-mail as the primary communication, even when we have the ability to talk directly. Even when calling might not be an option, texting has become more popular as a quick but simplistic way to get connected.

3. Web Presence

From a marketing perspective, it’s important to brand both your company and employees when it comes to an online presence. For one, if your company’s website is older than 5 years, it’s likely not getting the traffic from search engines that new ones are. Additionally, social media still holds value to a company presence, and should be used to help build the brand.

4. Referrals

This should go without saying, but asking professionals for referrals is continuously underutilized by recruiters at all levels. If the company you work for does not have some kind of incentive around referrals, create your own. Something as simple as a paid lunch can be an incentive for a successful referral hire. It’s always best to put your own spin on things, even if your company offers an additional bonus for referrals.

Looking at these tips as a whole, always remember another very important aspect of recruiting: Work smarter, not harder. Keeping a healthy balance between dialing, emailing, and other aspects of daily recruiting is important to avoid burning out.


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