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Keep Your Blinders Off

I just got off a call with a jobseeker who I will likely never place and who probably won’t ever be a client. So why did I decide to carve 20 minutes out of my crazy schedule to talk with him? Well first, I did it out of respect for my friend who referred him to me.

But that wasn’t the primary reason. Sure, I wanted to see if I could help someone that is in a job search, but none of us have time to help every candidate that is out there. So that wasn’t the main driver for accepting a meeting, either.

On top of the desire to help someone in need and be respectful of a friend’s referral was that I identified an opportunity to strengthen my network of contacts. No, I probably won’t ever place him, and it is unlikely he will ever be a client of mine. But I could place him. And he could end up being a client someday. And he might refer other potential candidates or clients to me. And I probably can introduce him to some of my clients that would benefit from knowing him either as a candidate or client (or both).

...continue reading this article in Staffing Success magazine published by the American Staffing Association. I'm a contributor to the Recruiting Today series.

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