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Number 1 Competency for High-performing Commercial Recruiters

Cracking_the_Recruiter_Code.pngA few weeks ago we shared an article on our research study to hire only A-player recruiters. That article focused on only professional recruiters. We also gathered and analyzed data for commercial recruiters. For the study, we defined commercial recruiters as those that focus on positions in light industrial, manufacturing, construction, trades, logistics, warehousing, hospitality, general labor, and so on. There were clear distinctions for high-performers depending on whether they identified as professional or commercial recruiters.

If you didn’t read the previous article, here is a little background on our research. Tallann Resources partnered with a national firm specializing in measuring people success – PeopleBest. They helped us ‘crack the DNA’ of what makes a high-performing recruiter in the staffing industry. Using a web-based inventory tool, PeopleBest created a unique profile of winning attributes for staffing recruiters.

107 recruiters representing both commercial and professional verticals took the behavioral assessment. Managers rated each recruiter on multiple performance criteria, which resulted in a score for A-, B-, C-, or D-players. The assessment measured 29 behavioral traits. PeopleBest performed a statistical validation analysis using predictive models to provide a matching correlation of DNA (behavioral traits) to performance.

Good Commercial Recruiters –

The assessment results reveal that all commercial recruiters, regardless of performance, scored higher in several traits and competencies. These characteristics are likely no surprise and match your instincts on what should make for a good recruiter. All commercial recruiters scored higher in:

  • Connecting with Others
  • Interpersonal Savvy
  • Expressiveness
  • Self-imposed Routine
  • Task Orientation
  • Administrative & Clerical Skills

Remember, all commercial recruiters scored higher in these competencies. In order to pick someone that is an A-player, we have to look at the data differently. Here is where statistical correlations come in. PeopleBest analyzed the strongest correlation between behavioral traits and those commercial recruiters identified as high-performers. 

High-performing Commercial Recruiters –

What is the number 1 competency for a high-performing commercial recruiter? Survey saysEmotional Composure. All right, what exactly does that mean? Let’s look at this competency a little closer to see why this might distinguish a high-performing recruiter.  

A-player commercial recruiters will display a higher competency of emotional composure. They are capable of challenging others’ points of view without displaying emotion or allowing emotions to impact clarity of thinking.

This makes sense, right? Our commercial staffing offices are extremely fast paced, which can make it a stressful environment. If someone has a lower competency in emotional composure, they will certainly become overly stressed. An A-player is able to keep their cool even when challenged by clients and temporary employees. They have their wits about them even in emotional situations.

Increase Your Chances of Hiring an A-player

So, now you know that you need to look for this new competency. How do you increase your chances of hiring an A-player commercial recruiter with this specific competency? It’s all in your process.Recruitment_Process.png

A sure fire way to ensure your candidate possesses this competency is to conduct the behavioral assessment. Even before that, you can ask behavioral based interview questions to possibly weed out the candidates that don’t have this competency.   So for example, a few questions that would solicit High Emotional Composure would look like this:

  • Tell me about a time when you had to defend your position. What was the situation? What was the outcome?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to deal with someone who was not being reasonable. How did you handle it and what was the outcome?

Remember, you’re looking for answers for someone that is capable of challenging others’ points of view without displaying emotion or allowing emotions to impact clarity of thinking.

This competency is just one of a half-dozen that we found that distinguished high-performing commercial recruiters. You now have another key part of the blueprint for hiring A-players at your staffing firm. Use it and be successful!

Looking for more tips to hire high-performing employees at your staffing firm?  Check out our free Quick Guide - How to Hire Better Salespeople.

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