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Selling the Sizzle, Winning the Talent

Why do you choose one restaurant over another? It’s likely not the price—or at least not just the price—because most restaurants charge about the same as their competition. Location probably factors into your decision, although restaurants tend to set up in areas where there are a variety of dining options. It’s probably not even the menu; most burger places have similar options, steakhouses serve the same cuts, and Italian restaurants tend to serve many of the same dishes.

You have many choices when deciding where to eat, and the more attractive or unique the restaurant appears to be, the more likely you are to choose that establishment. The restaurants that are the most appealing tend to thrive, while the ones that do little to differentiate themselves struggle and frequently go out of business. “Sell the sizzle, not the steak” is an old marketing adage that means the focus should be on the experience, not the specifics.

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