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New Book: Winning the Staffing Sales Game

Posted by Tom Erb on Feb 1, 2018 5:01:22 PM

Big news!  I've released my first book, Winning the Staffing Sales Game

Why did I write a book?  Because, sales is harder now than ever before.  Your prospects aren't answering the phone or calling you back, there is more competition than ever, and you just seem to be running up against one brick wall after another.  In this 100-page quick read, I explain why sales has become increasingly more difficult, the key mistakes that most staffing sales reps are making, and details a systematic sales process that is proven to get more appointments and land more new business in the staffing industry.

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Topics: Prospecting, Sales, Networking, Cold Calling, Sales Activity, Sales Process, Differentiation

Why Engaged Search is Better...

Posted by Tom Erb on Dec 11, 2017 1:00:00 PM

...for recruiters and clients.

Why do people get married? While there are a variety reasons, ranging from religious to legal rights to “that’s just what you do,” the main reason is commitment. Marriage is both a tradition and a legal contract that binds both parties to a higher level of obligation. It shows that everyone is vested in the relationship. Sure, you can break this commitment, as many do, but it’s not easy, and it sure is a lot harder than just breaking up with someone you are dating.

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Topics: Strategic, Differentiation, Recruiting

5 Things Sales People Do That Prospects Hate

Posted by Tom Erb on Feb 16, 2017 4:02:44 PM

I just received at least the 10th email this week from a different sales rep trying to sell me prospect leads – and its Tuesday. Now as a sales professional, trainer, and coach, I tend to probably be at the same time more critical and more sympathetic to sales reps trying to do their job. I’m critical in that I dissect their message and approach more than most. But I also feel sorry for many of them because I can tell by their email that they are either new, untrained, or misguided. And when I talk to sales reps about their sales activities, most sheepishly admit that they know what they are doing isn’t working, but just don’t know what else to do. Unfortunately many of the sales activities that we utilize cause more harm than good, labeling us as “salesy” and irritating the prospect.

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Topics: Prospecting, Sales, Cold Calling, Sales Activity, Differentiation

5 Critical Steps of the Sales Process

Posted by Tom Erb on Jun 2, 2016 4:16:09 PM

Sales is a process. And like any other process, it is only as good as its weakest step. If you are great with one or two steps of the process but weak in others, you will still struggle. But if you focus on improving in each area, you will exponentially improve your sales results. Here are the 5 critical sales steps and how to improve.

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Topics: Prospecting, Sales, Cold Calling, Sales Activity, Sales Process, Differentiation

Experts Land More Sales

Posted by Tom Erb on Sep 21, 2015 2:09:54 PM

Quick question: If you needed surgery, would you rather have a world class specialist, or a generalist that barely passed medical school? I’m guessing you would choose the specialist. But this decision doesn’t just occur with life or death situations – the same applies to most products and services. Buyers want to work with experts, so by convincing your prospects that you are an expert, you will naturally create more demand and close more deals.

“But Tom, I’m not an expert!”  Ok, let me ask you a couple more questions.

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Topics: Sales, Networking, Differentiation, Relationship Building

The #1 Way to Differentiate Yourself

Posted by Tom Erb on Jun 22, 2015 8:00:00 AM

We are always looking for that silver bullet – that one thing that will get us in the prospect’s door and close the deal. Or better yet, that will have the prospect beating down our door. Well I won’t go so far to say that I have the silver bullet. But I can tell you with a high level of confidence, and proof, the single best way to differentiate yourself in the eyes of your prospects is through Public Speaking.

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Topics: Prospecting, Sales, Cold Calling, Differentiation

Throw Away Your Staffing Sales Handbook

Posted by Tom Erb on Dec 8, 2014 7:30:00 AM

“What makes you different than other staffing companies?” I can still hear the question posed by my prospect almost 15 years ago. I just as vividly remember my answer:

“Well it’s the quality of our people……”.

What I remember the most clearly is what happened next – my prospect laughing at me. So I stopped and uncomfortably asked him what I had said or done that made him laugh. He quickly apologized and then asked me a question:

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Topics: Sales, Differentiation

Stop Selling "Quality"!

Posted by Tom Erb on Jan 27, 2014 5:38:00 PM


“Thank you for calling Tallann Resources, this is Tom.”

“Mr. Erb, my name is John Smith and I’m with Better Quality Electric Power. Does your company use electricity, and if so, are you happy with your current supplier?”

“Uh, yes we use electricity, and I guess we are happy with our current company.”

“Well I’d like to schedule an appointment with you for just 15 minutes next week. Does 1 pm or 2 pm on Wednesday work better for you?”

“Why would we be meeting?”

“So I can talk to you about how we are different than the electric service you are using now.”

“How are you different?”

“Great question! It's the quality of our electricity.”

“Quality of your electricity?”

“Yes, we have the best electricity in the industry.”

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Topics: Sales, Differentiation

Four Ways to Become the Apple of Staffing

Posted by Tom Erb on Jun 10, 2013 7:42:00 AM

Everyone in our family has an iPad, even our four year old son.  We are an Apple family with three iPads, two Macbooks, and three iPhones. And obviously we aren't the only ones - reports show that Apple has more cash reserves than the United States! And this from a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy less than 20 years ago.

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Topics: Strategic, Differentiation

Is Your Staffing Company a Commodity or a Value?

Posted by Tom Erb on May 24, 2013 7:40:00 AM

Rat_RaceIn today’s staffing climate, businesses are created to satisfy needs within their surrounding community. But often in the scramble to build the business and capture the market ahead of something else, it becomes nothing more than a commodity – something that is readily available, but is hardly indistinguishable from all of the other businesses that are similar in nature.

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Topics: Sales, Strategic, Differentiation

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