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I'm Speaking at StaffingTec 2020!

Posted by Tom Erb on Feb 26, 2020 11:03:16 AM

I'm speaking at the StaffingTec 2020 Technology Conference, May 5-7 in Austin, TX. Take a deep dive into staffing industry technology and get a year’s worth of technology insights and strategies in just three days. My session is Leveraging Your Candidate and Employee Data for Competitive Advantage.

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Topics: Networking, Strategic, Training, Recruiting

New Book: Winning the Staffing Sales Game

Posted by Tom Erb on Feb 1, 2018 5:01:22 PM

Big news!  I've released my first book, Winning the Staffing Sales Game

Why did I write a book?  Because, sales is harder now than ever before.  Your prospects aren't answering the phone or calling you back, there is more competition than ever, and you just seem to be running up against one brick wall after another.  In this 100-page quick read, I explain why sales has become increasingly more difficult, the key mistakes that most staffing sales reps are making, and details a systematic sales process that is proven to get more appointments and land more new business in the staffing industry.

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Topics: Prospecting, Sales, Networking, Cold Calling, Sales Activity, Sales Process, Differentiation

Proactive Recruiting - How to Get Employee Referrals

Posted by Jen Erb on Apr 13, 2016 4:00:00 PM

Referrals are extremely valuable for building candidate pools, but we rarely actively do it. Generally we are passive about referrals. A candidate or recent placement may happen to recommend a friend or neighbor, but not because we solicited the referral. If you proactively seek referrals you can reap the benefits. Here’s why you want referrals and how to get them.

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Topics: Networking, Relationship Building, Recruiting, Recruiter Activity

Don't forget these 4 recruiting essentials...ever!

Posted by TJ Markwas on Feb 8, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Every new year, industry content will come out with multiple articles of the ‘New’ and ‘Game-changing’ insight and suggestions on how to become more successful in your business. This is no different for the staffing industry, with articles touting various ways to improve on recruiting. As an industry, we have started to move away from some of the most critical yet basic recruiting methods. Here are just a few of my suggestions on how to keep yourself on top of the game:

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Topics: Networking, Recruiting, Recruiter Activity

Experts Land More Sales

Posted by Tom Erb on Sep 21, 2015 2:09:54 PM

Quick question: If you needed surgery, would you rather have a world class specialist, or a generalist that barely passed medical school? I’m guessing you would choose the specialist. But this decision doesn’t just occur with life or death situations – the same applies to most products and services. Buyers want to work with experts, so by convincing your prospects that you are an expert, you will naturally create more demand and close more deals.

“But Tom, I’m not an expert!”  Ok, let me ask you a couple more questions.

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Topics: Sales, Networking, Differentiation, Relationship Building

Five Ways to Get the Prospect to Want You

Posted by Tom Erb on Sep 14, 2015 7:30:00 AM

Do your prospects want to work with you as much as you want their business? In most cases, probably not. You really want their business, and you are just one of many staffing firms calling on them to get a shot. The problem with this unbalanced demand is that it makes it significantly more difficult for you to close deals. And if you are selected, it puts you at a severe disadvantage when negotiating pricing and other terms.

The primary reason for this lack of demand for your service is that you haven’t built enough credibility. Think about it: do professional athletes just pick any surgeon to repair their knee or rotator cuff? No, they seek out the best in the profession, and they pay a significant premium for it. The same is true for staffing – if they perceive you to be the best in your market or niche, prospects will want to work with you. And yes, they will pay a premium for your service.

So how do we get the prospect to want to work with us? Here are 5 key ways you can build credibility, which ultimately leads to demand for your service:

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Topics: Prospecting, Sales, Networking, Relationship Building

Shortcut to Sales Success – Know The Influencers

Posted by Tom Erb on Aug 31, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Try this the next time you attend a networking event. Sit back for a few minutes and just watch people interact. Notice how some people always seem to gather a crowd? Or everyone that walks by them says hi, shakes their hand, or pats them on the shoulder? Those are the influencers in the association, and they are who you need to get to know first and best.

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Topics: Sales, Networking

A world with no voicemail – How will you make sales?

Posted by Tom Erb on May 25, 2015 7:30:00 AM

At the end of 2014, Coca Cola announced that they would be eliminating voicemail at their corporate headquarters. When they surveyed their employees prior to making this decision, a whopping 94% voted to get rid of voicemail! If you are a sales person that depends heavily on the phone for sales activity (as most do in our industry), this should be a sobering moment. 

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Topics: Prospecting, Sales, Networking

Supercharge Your Staffing Sales with LinkedIn Groups

Posted by Tom Erb on May 11, 2015 7:30:00 AM

It’s not a big secret that the vast majority of sales people are on LinkedIn. And most of those are using the site on a regular basis, researching prospects, connecting and reconnecting, sending emails, and updating their status. But most sales professionals overlook or undervalue one of the most powerful features available to them – Groups.

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Topics: Prospecting, Sales, Networking

Relationship Selling Isn't a Bad Thing - Really!

Posted by Tom Erb on Mar 15, 2015 7:00:00 PM

The concept of relationship selling gets a bad rap nowadays. The reason is that it is used many times by sales reps to justify a lack of activity and/or results. “I take a relationship approach to my sales” has become synonymous with driving around and talking to receptionists, spending lots of time in coffee shops, and having sales cycles that are longer than some Senate terms. And I’ll admit, when I first talk to a sales rep and they label their approach as “relationship selling”, red flags immediately pop up everywhere.

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Topics: Sales, Networking

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